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Safari Ltd ® design toys that enrich the joy of play. In a highly technical world the most endangered species is the imagination. Through play, children learn about themselves, their environment and the larger world. Play is the essential joy of childhood.

Safari Ltd ® is the only American family-owned manufacturer and worldwide distributor of more than 1000 educational, hand-painted toys. Inspired by their passion, the family continues to create authentic figures that speak to the innate curiosity in all of us.

At Safari Ltd ®, products are carefully crafted for the most discerning eyes of all – those of a child. Before designing each figure in the USA, sculptors thoroughly research the anatomy of each animal to ensure the figures are as lifelike as possible. They continually update each sculpt as new scientific data emerges.

No two Safari Ltd ® figures are the same. Each product is hand-painted with sometimes up to 20 different steps.


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