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Lottie Accessory Set – Pandora the Persian Cat LT032

Lottie is volunteering at Branksea Animal Shelter, helping to look after the homeless cats and dogs.  One day a cardboard box is mysteriously left outside the front door with a hungry and frightened Persian cat inside.  They decide to name her Pandora.  Unlike the Greek myth, where a box brought unhappiness, here the arrival of Pandora is a cause for joy and fresh hope.  Lottie helps to nurse Pandora back to health and make sure that her furry coat is kept clean and fluffy.


  • Pandora the Persian cat
  • Cat bed
  • Tin of cat food
  • Box of dried food
  • Milk bowl
  • Cat toy

Pandora the Persian Cat is a perfect partner for the Pandora’s Box Lottie doll.

Adopting a shelter pet as a family is a powerful lesson in nurturing.  Allowing children to interact with animals is a great lesson in the benefits of extending kindness to others.

Doll not included.

Ages 3+

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This Lottie Accessory set is a must have set for any Lottie doll collector and pet lover.  All Lottie dolls have high quality saran hair which is tangle resistant.  Lottie is much more than a princess fashionista, encouraging children to enjoy an active unplugged childhood, full of adventure.


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