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Lottie Doll – Brownie (Adventure Doll) LT084

I just love being a Branksea Island Brownie and we’re about to have the most amazing adventure ever! Because, next weekend, we’re going on a camping trip. There will be lots of new activities for us all to try. I am a bit nervous about canoeing but I’ll have my best friend Mia with me so I know that it will be lots of fun, too!

Hair: Brown: Eyes: Brown


  • Hoodie
  • Scarf
  • T-shirt with trefoil print
  • Jeans
  • Blue trainers
  • Set of cards

Doll Height: 18cm

Ages 3+

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This Lottie doll is for girls who loves adventure and nature.  The Lottie doll is age appropriate and represents all the positive, different facets of childhood.  Lottie has a child-like body, based on the realistic proportions of a 9 year old girl.  She can stand on her own two feet.  She is 18cm tall and has hair made from premium quality saran.  Her clothing is composed of tactile fabric.

Lottie is all about enjoying childhood, living life to the full and seeking adventure.  Lottie enjoys the outdoors and time together with friends.

Presented in beautifully designed, brightly coloured boxes.  They come complete with a handle for easy transport.  These Irish designed dolls need no gift wrapping and have award winning attention to detail which make them an essential addition for any doll collector.


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