The Gearphun Junior 200 piece set is designed for a table of eight children. It is supplied in a tub with 8 x A3 Instruction sheets, each with incremental levels of difficulty. Any one of the models in the Instructions can be made or in the Gearphun guide book and two or more of some smaller models. Designed to be strong, durable and flexible, it will help children explore the basic physics of movement and rotation within gears. Gearphun Junior sets include all the pieces plus the new Gearphun pieces which include the 5 hole brick, 25 hole brick, 5 different size spinning or drive gear wheels, a crank handle and end stops. On top of this there are more work-cards and more challenging instructions level for ages 6+.

  • Guidebook included
  • Suitable for ages 4 to 8+ years.