The Sperm Whale is the largest predatory animal living on Earth today, reaching nearly 70 feet in length. It hunts in the deep ocean, and its prey often includes the second largest living predator – the Colossal Squid. Sperm Whales are known for their large heads, which contain oil called spermaceti. It is this substance, once commonly used in lamps and candles, that gives the whale its common name.

  • Scientific Name: Physeter macrocephalus
  • This Sperm Whale figure includes the whale’s most distinctive feature – its huge, square-shaped head. Its colouration is a dark gray, with white splotches around its jaw and glossy black eyes. This whale has a number of additional features that make it unique among other whales, including its wrinkled and rippled skin, its triangular tail, and its off-center blowhole.
  • Non-toxic and BPA free

Size: This figure measures 22.4cm L x 7.2cm W x 5.5cm H

Suitable for ages 3+